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paracha.fahad - Fahad Paracha 1 week ago

I can feel this picture alot. I was just 19 years old when my girl left me and i used to cry at night while wrapping myself in blanket in my room. My heart started to pain alot. I became mental depression guy i didnt know what should i do instead of cryying every day and night for 2.5 years of my life as it was my first experience with a girl i never had a girlfriend in my life before i couldnt study nor i could even eat two time food on daily basics. after she left me. I beg her when she was leaving me i cryed on the phone when i was talking to her at that time i wasnt even sure i wanted to live anymore. my heart was paining alot for 2.5 years i had to tolerate this pain alot.i some how i had to move on some how i had to stay alive somehow.... during 2.5 years of my struggle i had to face lonelyness, torture, lack of sleep, i once try to commit sucide but i never told this to anyone not even my family i cut my hand veins and ended up in hospital but its been 7 years now and still it hurt like a ton of brick.. After 2.5 years of my life i became strong mentally and physically after struggling depreasion, torture because of my girlfriend left me now i dont believe in love love hurts and its hurt like somebody stab a knife inside my heart.. one day i was praying in mosque and during that i kneel down in pain and i started to cry very loud alot that public was noticing me....... that something happend to me ...And today i regret even after 7 years that falling in love was the biggest mistake of my life now i just focus on my career now. Love is just as fake as this world Love will knock us down each and everyone .. few months ago i found out im having cancer my tratement is still going on even if i die it doesnt matter to me because im strong enough to face death. I dont have anyone to whom i live for most of the people didnt experience love, cheat, hate, depression, but one day each and every person will realize love is just destruction for people i dont know if somebody been through this but i have. And im so sad that im still single and have pain in my heart Sometimes i even imagine during sleep that my girlfriend is laying right next to me This is my story

queen_sediqi - .......PriNceSs S ..... 1 week ago

Yes this is totally true Im in this situation right now and I fell really sad 😢 I don't know what to do idk how to forget the ones who are so special for me