Looking for a new Christmas tree? The new BH Fraser Fir should be on your shortlist. . . #BalsamHill #balsamtree #balsamchristmastree #balsamchristmas #bhchristmas #christmas #christmastree #realisticchristmastree @balsamhill balsamhill Balsam Hill

unknown_friend6 - Fatguy 5 months ago

Just got this tree almost 4 hours following the shaping instructions and video on line and it still don’t look like this, it’s a nice tree but guess we need to keep shaping

janelromani - Janel Bernstein Romani 4 months ago

Disappointed is an understatement! Not only was I dissatisfied with the quality of this tree upon delivery My second season and the bulbs are out all over sporadically. It is PRIME TIME HOLIDAY SEASON and the bulbs I need that FAILED are out of stock ?? Maybe unavailable in the summer but NOW? HOLIDAY TIME? I will NOT be recommending this company or using you again in the future... that I can tell you. Not that this is acceptable at any price range but for the amount of money I paid for this tree it is disheartening to say the very least. So I will wait with my broken tree until LED bulbs become available and hope it is before Christmas. Please feel to share this email with any and all managers / directors you choose. I will be posting as well. Still waiting for call or email from management over 1 week ago