Lion King but with expressive eyes, which one do you prefer?⠀ 📹@jonty_pressinger X @ellejart⠀ -⠀ #lionking #disney #simba #nala #timon #pumbaa #scar #animation #fanmade #fanart #9gag @9gag 9gag 9GAG: Go Fun The World

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salislashari - s a l i s 5 days ago

I thought the purpose of a LIVE ACTION CARTOON was that it was supposed to look ALIVE not like a CARTOON. But I’ll just be quiet.

sarahtrix - Sarah Joy 5 days ago

The bottom one just looks exactly like the original. Have to go with the top as it's a bit different and more like a "live action" film; what the director was trying to achieve

hellabaddddd - :) 5 days ago

You know what live action means right? They’re supposed to look like real animals. You people just love to complain.😂

_giri99 - Giridhar Dhananjay 5 days ago

Damn! The second one looks so much better, even though it was done by amateurs. Just can't imagine how it would have turned out if actual experts did it 🙌

misschicday - Esther Chiclana 5 days ago

It is soooo much better the original. The new one is exactly like the original but it is lacking the magic from the original.